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Eventos Realizados


Fundamental Aspects of Collagen
(1) - Effects of temperature and humidity on different cross-linked Collagen structures
(2) -  Link-Lock. the mechanism of stabilising collagen by chemical reactions
(3) - Extraction of DNA from Leather and applications to the supply chain
(4)  - Utilisation of oleuropein as a crosslinking agent In collagenic films

Improved Process Chemistry (Beamhouse&Tanning)
(1) - New generation of fungicides
(2) - Prevention of halobacterial damage on hide
(3) -  Innovating chrome tanning process with excellent exhaustion
(4) - Monitoring of composition of the fats in leather
(5) - Enzymatic removal of melanin in enzyme based dehairing and fibre
(6) - Waterproof leather - requirements and technology
(7)- Investigations on the hydrophobing of chrome-free leather

Improved Process Chemistry(Post Tanning)
(1) - New dyeing fatliquoring and retanning compact material
(2) - flammability and flame retardancy of leather
(3) - Development of methods for the analysis of dangerous substances

Improved Process Control Product Performance
(1) - Mechanical stretching of leather for area yield rev
(2) - Prevention of chromium VI formation
(3) - Solar reflective leather
(4) - Investigation about effect of oxazolidine on mod. valonea tan
(5) - Molecular investigation of valonea tannin
(6) - New env friendly method for utilisation of fleshings- biodiesel
(7) - Alternative process to recover tannery chrome (III) effluents
(8) - Auto thermal incineration
(9) - Auto thermal incineration -figs 1,2,7

Visual Displays
V1 - Lipase alcoholysis of triglycerides to produce-tallodiesel- as transport fuel
V 3 - The Research on the effects of degreasing by using enzyme in liming process
V 4- Fenton activated carbon catalytic oxidation-FACCO- system for the treatment of soak liquor
V 5 - Composition structure and physical properties of foetal calf skin
V 6 - Equipment and technology for treating the limed fleshings resulted from bovine hide processing
V 7- Study of the extraction kinetic of glycosaminoglycans from raw sheepskin trimmings
V 8 - Investigation of a sensitive voltammetric method for determination of  chromium VI
V 9 - Studies on some essential oils using as fungicides during pickled pelts  production
V 10 -Evaluation of protein hydrolysate from chrome-tanned leather waste in  keratinase
V 11 - Reutilization of skin fleshing-derived collagen hydrolizate in the retanning,dyeing,fatliquoring
V 12 - Polyethylene collagen hydrolizate thermoplastic blends
V 13 - Public database for pollution prevention technologies in the tanning  sector
V 14 - Sequestering of chromium-III from tanning effluents by means of biotechnology methodologies
V 15 - A method to evaluate finished leather according to corrected or not  corrected grain
V 16 - Fleshing treatment and compacting
V 17 - Membrane based process water recyling and side stream membrane bioreactor treatment for effluents
V 18 - A research on treatability of leather industry wastewater by using  electro-fenton process
V 19 - Examination of bacterial population in main soak liquors in hide industry
V 20 - Isolation and characterization of gelatin obtained from chrome-tanned shavings
V 21 - Converting Tannery Waste to Energy
V 22 - Reduction of vegetable tannin amount released in post tanning processed by synergistic effect
V 23 - The effects of different neutralization process on waterproofing properties
V 24 - Decolorization of the leather industry dyes by newly isolated bacterial  strains
V 25 - Cost evaluation of sludge treatment options and energy recovery from wastewater treatment plant s
V 26 - Production of alkaline protease by pseudomonas aeruginosa grown on proteineous solid waste
V 27 - Enzymatic activity and production of pyruvic acid by clostridium sp.fermentation  of  proteineous
V 28 - Realistic colour assessment in tone-tone dyed woolen sheepskins by means of -Colorindex- software
V 29 - Innovative wastewater treatment plant at Elmo leather AB
V 30 -Volatile compounds from leather
V 31 - Research on the effects of TCMTB and N-OITZ based fungicides used in leather industry
V 32 - A Keratin-specific enzyme from bacterial species isolated from post tsunami soil samples-Figure 7
V 33 - Volatile organic carbons -VOCs- in the tanning industries
V 34 - Stabilization of collagen using dialdehyde alginic acid - an ecofriendly tanning system
V 35 - Bio pretanning
V 36 - International marketing for the turkish leatherproducts
V 37 - A study on the parameters of the feet of adolescent boy
V 38 - Identification of volatile compounds the vegetable tanned leather
V 39 - Characterization of tannery chemicals-retanning agents

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